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What is the deal with the redhat pop3 server?  Slackware has it
as part of the normal install.  I cant seem to find the server in
redhat.  In slackware it was in.pop3d, but there is no file by this
name anywhere in my redhat distribution.  In the inetd.conf it is
looking for ipop3d rather than in.pop3d.  I cant find this file either.

I really need to get this going and I'm sure it is just something stupid
that I'm missing.  I'm rather new to redhat.

please send response to:


Mark Wendlandt


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Hi to all.
Recently I upgraded from redhat 3.03 to redhat 4.0 and I am having some difficulty with popmail. My popmail server worked out of the box from Calderas CND, thru redhat 3.03, but now is broken. I need to allow pc users to connect with eudora and retrieve their mail. I can not find any documentation, nor can i figure out what is wrong.
/etc/services has a pop3 entry
/etc/inetd.conf has one too

which rcx.d should ipop3 be launched from, and with what options ?
Is there something else I am missing?

Leon harris

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