3c509 and 1.3.6x/1.3.7x

3c509 and 1.3.6x/1.3.7x

Post by Peter Cla » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00

OK, after installing 1.3.68/69/70/71 and getting such severe problems
with eth0: timeout, eth0: infinate loop in interrupt, and eth0: locking
up I went in and put an NE2000 compatable card in the box and all the
errors disappeared instantly.  Therefore, this is definately a 3c509
driver problem (these cards test fine in a DOS box, with both the 3com
testing program, and also a testing kit throwing 10MB/set looped at it).

3c509 and 1.3.6x/1.3.7x

Post by Vladimirdo » Sun, 10 Mar 1996 04:00:00

: and then I can't even ping the local adapter.

Same exact problems at compile time -- same exact solutions -- same exact
problems at run time. Telnetting to a remote host yields "Socket destroy
delayed" after about 20 seconds of absolute silence. I wonder if the
compiler warnings should have been disregarded at all. Any pointers to
the final solution here?


P.S. Seems like 3C509B is the most troublesome card out there. ;)

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alex> Now that the firewalling code has changed, what's the next step
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Nothing, just finding the alpha versions.

alex> I've checked out net-tools 1.2.0, and it doesn't seem to want to
alex> compile very much at all (Slackware 3.0, GCC 2.70)

Indeed it does not apply.

Look under "ftp.inka.de:/pub/comp/Linux/networking/net-tools/testing".

An alternative is to use ipfwadm, which is also being evolved to work
the new alpha kernels, from "ftp.xos.nl:/pub/linux/ipfwadm". It would be
nice if either side were mirrored in America. Actually I seem to
remember that there are already a couple of fairlu obscure mirrors...

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