rp-pppoe and kernel 2.4 and wavelan2_cs

rp-pppoe and kernel 2.4 and wavelan2_cs

Post by Dan Smit » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 02:05:44

I currently have a little linux box running as a nat router for a
wired and a wireless subnet.  It's on kernel 2.2.  I wanted to upgrade
to kernel 2.4 so that I can take advantage of some of the iptables
features.  I got my kernel all set up with ppp and everything I would
need, and then rebooted to test it.  I had rp-pppoe 3.1 on it, but
upgraded to rp-pppoe with an rpm.  When trying to connect, it always
timed out.  Checking the logs, I saw that it's missing some device
"tty-ldisc-3".  Reading more on their site, it looked like I needed to
go for kernel mode pppoe.  I re-compiled the kernel, got the patched
pppd and pppoe source and built all the binaries and am ready to test.

My question is: should it not have worked until I got kernel-mode ppp
set up?  So should it work now that I do?  They keep saying that
kernel-mode ppp is experimental;  is it stable enough to depend on?
I'd much rather have a stable router than a 2.4-powered one.  Can
anyone offer a suggestion or experience?

Comments on how my wavelan2_cs situation will go are also welcomed :)



1. rp-pppoe, kernel 2.4.x and DSL (PacBell)


I am sure if I really had thoroughly RTFM at "Roaring Penguin":




I would know that with my 2.4.x kernel (with pppoe support
compiled in), to get DSL going with PacBell what I needed to do
was to install:

rp-pppoe-2.5-4 as an rpm



and de-archive and compile the tarball, install it, then edit
/etc/ppp/options (replace my_user_id with YOUR user id!):

# cat options
plugin /usr/lib/pppd/plugins/pppoe.so
name my_user_id

and also /etc/ppp/pap-secrets (replace my_pap_passwd with YOUR

# cat pap-secrets
# Secrets for authentication using PAP
# client        server  secret                  IP addresses
"my_user_id"       *       "my_pap_passwd"

Then launch:


answer all the questions fully and truthfully, then launch:


and sit back to enjoy the Web at DSL speed!

Instead I mucked around and mucked around with "No response to
PAP authentication requests", etc., then finally did the above,
THEN sat back to enjoy...

Bob L.

P.S. I am posting this so it will be there in DejaNews for
others; I did a fairly extensive Web search while trying to
troubleshoot my connection, and I did not find much there for
2.4.x kernel users.

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