videoconferencing on Linux

videoconferencing on Linux

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I want videoconferencing on Linux.
But I don't know which software and camera I must use.
Please send your comment.
Thank you

1. Videoconferencing in linux

Hi all,
        Has anybody had any success in getting some kind of videoconferencing
working in Linux ? I can get pieces of it to work here and there, but
nothing substantial. I've played around with openh.323, but have failed
to find a client app for it. The best I did was to use a combination of
xawtv and qseeme. Qseeme actually showed some promise since it could
capture anything you could display in X, but I never got the sound to
work. Vic never worked for me. It also required a program called vat to
do sound, and vat is in a bizarre executable format (it looks old). I'd
be interested to hear what other people have tried.

John Cecere

Just remove the _NOSPAM_ from my email address to send

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