2 cards, arp -a shows one with bad mac addr.

2 cards, arp -a shows one with bad mac addr.

Post by scot » Sat, 13 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have 2 10/100 ethernet cards, one a LinkSys LNE 100TX and the other a
Kingston Fast EtherX PCI in my Pentium 166 R.H. Linux 6.0 box. The kernal
seems to be happy with both if you can take the ifconfig results as a
guide, but the cards do not seem to work together.

I know they both work in other machines (Win 98) and that they work alone
in the Linux box. They both use the newest tulip.c as a module, with one
assigned IRQ 9 i/o 0xF800 and the other IRQ 11 i/o 0xFC00. These settings
where set automatically by the way, not by myself.

They both come up without errors, but after I try to ping with the eth0
card (the LinkSys) a error message appears on shutdown, something about a
timeout. Eth1 works fine and I can surf the Internet with my DSL account
without problem.

Pinging from eth0 doesn't work at all and an arp -a command right after
shows that eth0 has an incomplete mac address. Does anyone have an idea how
to fix this?

Thanks very much for any help!


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Isn't arp getting it's info from there? do i have to upgrade my arp?
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Gr. Jeroen

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