proxy questions

proxy questions

Post by Wolf Gross » Sat, 07 May 2011 18:41:03


I just recently started to 'play' with dante proxy, and there are some
questions I hope to get answered from this group :-]

The situation and what I want to accomplish:
I run an internet freeBSD-server with IP
Dante server is installed and running, listening on port 1080

What I want to do:
Connect from my local PC (WinXP) to dante socks on, so
that all my internet activities, regardless if browsing, ftp or online
game, are passed via the socks server to destination and vice versa.

To communicate with the internet I have a fixed ip

The problem:
To test I've set firefox to use proxy at
When trying to access an address, e.g., I do not
get any response, just a blank screren, no errors or whatsoever.

The logfile shows that a connection has been established.

Apr 30 13:44:26 (1304163866.360749) sockd[12222]: created new requestchild
Apr 30 13:44:26 (1304163866.366610) sockd[12217]: dante/server v1.2.3
Apr 30 13:44:26 (1304163866.366609) sockd[12223]: created new iochild
Apr 30 13:45:07 (1304163907.787452) sockd[12218]: pass(1): tcp/accept [:

The socks configuration in
logoutput: /var/log/sockd.log
logoutput: stdout
internal: port = 1080

method: none username pam
clientmethod: none
user.notprivileged: proxy

Client pass {
   from: to:
   log: connect disconnect


client pass {
   from: to:
   log: connect disconnect

client block {
   from: to:
   log: connect error

block {
   from: to:
   log: connect error

block {
   from: to:
   log: connect error

pass {
   from: to:
   command: bindreply udpreply
   log: connect error

pass {
   from: to:
   protocol: tcp udp
   log: error


Question: Do I need differernt internal and external interfaces?
If yes, how can this be accpomplished? (tun device?)

Thanks for reading and hints,


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doing wrong?


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