How to convert Packets/sec to Bytes/sec - anybody???

How to convert Packets/sec to Bytes/sec - anybody???

Post by Charlie Kempso » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I wish to determine the throughput of a given ppp or slip
link.  Using ifconfig I can obtain the numbers for the
number of packets received and transmitted.  However as
these packets are of variable size it is hard to see
how the numbers could be converted into understandable
numbers such as kb/s.

Any comments gratefully accepted!

Charlie Kempson


1. How to buffer packets between a 1.5mb/sec and 24kb/sec connection

I have access to a ppp server and modem.  Accessing the internet
directly from the ppp server usually gives 1.5mb/sec.  Accessing the ppp
server directly from the modem usually gives 24kb/sec.  When I try to
access the internet from the modem through the ppp server, the
connection speed is sporadic, usually slowing to less than 10kb/sec
especially when downloading large files.  Why does the speed decrease so
much when the two speeds are combined?

I have found it faster to download large files directly to the ppp
server.  Then, download them from the ppp server to the modem through
zmodem.  Is there any ppp server that downloads packets at 1.5mb/sec and
buffers them, while the modem downloads the buffered packets at a
constant 24kb/sec.

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