Which IRQ and I/O best for Ethernet and RedHat 5.1?

Which IRQ and I/O best for Ethernet and RedHat 5.1?

Post by David Yackne » Sun, 10 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have tried many times now to install Redhat 5.1 on my old 486 and
some no-name ethernet (ISA) adapters.  I can't ever seem to get it to
find either adapter!

I know next to nothing about Linux/UNIX, and have been using Que's
Using Linux to help me through.

I can get Linux installed, but never is it able to find the ethernet

Incidentally, the adapters are from Hawking Technology, and I have no
idea what the "real" brand is as they are unmarked.  They are "Fully
compatible with NE2000" according to the box.

I have turned off PNP and have tried a few I/O's and IRQ's, but there
are just too many options.

I have also tried using an AOpen card, but didn't spend much time on
it.  I'd rather get the others working!

Please keep your replies simple as I am a newbie to Linux!  I know
lots of Dos/Win/NT/OS/2, but that doesn't help here!

I'd also like to have two of the cards in my machine, so that it can
act as a server for my ADSL connection.



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