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1. Our network is 10.0.0.x/24

2. Our Gateway is

3. We have a large Client providing us access to their Custom APP via
a dedicated circuit/router it is on our LAN

4. Our Clients Custom Host is an internal Server on their Public CLASS
A address block not reachable via the public network . Lets pretend it
is they also have a MAIL SERVER in the same public range
that is available via the INTERNET..

5. We have a hosts file on each PC identifying a host names DATA at
And each workstation has a ROUTE for via Gateway The
Custom client/server application works great....Everything is fine....

6. We have added a LINUX VPN server for road warriors using the
Safenet IP client This is working fine.

No we want to put the custom client/server app on the raod warriors.
We will add a HOST entry for the DATA at This should cause
the application and we should add a route for 20.x.x.x via the gateway and we are hoping the packets will make its way to
the gateway....

We figure we should add a Route on out Linux VPN gateway for the same
route to gateway but that causes another problem. The
Internal Email server attempting to resolve the mail servers name and
IP address comes up with a IP address and in the attempt to
send mail to our clients public mail server it gets routed to the network and enters our clients Network VIA the dedicated
circuit an cannot make it to their MAIL server.

The big question is...
Can an IP CHAINS rule be created that will forward an exact IP ADDRESS
say to be routed out the gateway and let all other
20.x.x.x address pass out the normal gateway path?

Personal responses to my email address are greatly appreciated and

Thanks for reading..

We wish to put the CUSTOM CLIENT on the road warrior PC's and here is
the problem.


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