WTB dead Monitor 14" or 15".

WTB dead Monitor 14" or 15".

Post by Andrey Smirno » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

What does it have to do with Linux Networking group!

>HI all
>I am looking to purchase the above items. I will look
>at any dead Monitor 14" or 15".
>Any quantities.
>we pay top dollars.


1. 2.4.14/15-pre4 too "swap-happy"?

We have to remember that swap can be much slower to read back in than
rereading data from files, though.  I guess this is because files tend to
be more often read sequentially.  A freshly-booted box loads up things it
hasn't seen before much faster than a heavily-swapped-out box swaps the
things it needs back in...window managers and X desktop backgrounds, for
example, are awfully slow.  I would prefer if it never swapped them out.

This is an annoying situation, though, because I would like some of my
unused daemons to be swapped out.  mlocking random stuff would be worse,

I've been copying about 40 GB of stuff back and forth over NFS over
switched 100Mbit Ethernet lately, so I can say I'm definitely seeing
this. :)  It also seems to happen when I "pull" over NFS rather than
"push" (eg: I ssh to a remote machine and "cp" with the source being an
NFS mount of the local machine)...the 2.4.15pre1 local machine tends to
swap out while this happens as well.


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