NFS mount RH6.0 problem

NFS mount RH6.0 problem

Post by Gertjan Hofma » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi ,

I can't seem to NFS mount my linux RH6.0 disks on another unix machine.
I have nfsd, rpc.mount, portmap, all running. I made entries
in the export file, even host.allow. I when I try

I get :

Can't access usr/users -permission denied

on the host, (a dec alpha), but

Nov 18 11:08:39 kxt01 mountd[455]: refused mount request from
drax.Colorado.EDU: illegal port 1753

in /var/log/messages on my linux box.

Whats going on here ? Why is it even trying to access port 1753 when all
request should be mapped to 2049 (i think, I dont really understand
this) ?
Is this some kind of security enhancement on RH6.0 (kernel 2.2.5-15)  ?
tips greatly appreciated. If some one has been able to NFS mount a disk
a RH6.0 system, I would also like to hear from them.

ps. my exports looks like


my services file looks like
mount           635/udp     #nfs
nfs               2049/udp     #nfs

Thanks a lot,



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