AppleshareVolumes not loggin in

AppleshareVolumes not loggin in

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Sounds like it might be a problem with reseeding... My only
suggestion would be to boot the linux box without atalkd
running... boot the mac's have the linux box seed the network
when atalkd starts, then reboot the mac machines... this would
be my suggestion. The same thing had happened to me so I had to
designate the region for the atalkd to run in and had to make
sure that the mac machines had this same region. Also make sure
that the mac machines are not set to seed the network, but that
only the server is.

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1. AppleshareVolumes not loggin in

I have my macs set to automatically log into the Volumes that I have set up on
Linux. Now for some reason many of my macs will not log into those volumes at
startup including my mac which I recently rebuilt. I have those volumes
selected in Appleshare in the chooser to startup automatically but they do not.
I can use an alias and also manually log in but  but automatically.
gary hostetler

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