Monitoring dip Serial Port -- Anybody 'Been There, Done That?

Monitoring dip Serial Port -- Anybody 'Been There, Done That?

Post by Kevin Reynold » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00


A couple of mornings ago, my linux box had failed to send/receive mail
from my ISP.  After closer examination, I found that my 28.8 phone line
and modem had "hosed".

I didn't see a way to check this in dip and restart -- the man pages
references the line dropping out and dip closing the connection.  Forgive
me if I missed something; please let me know and I'll go away embarrassed
for wasting everyone's time...

Something that caught my eye in the UPS-HOWTO was the powerd daemon.  It
monitors the serial port for different line conditions like power failure
and low battery condition.  Is there a way to build a daemon similar to
this one to monitor the serial port status on the appropriate lines to
reset the modem and restart dip?  I know this is only as good as what the
modem sets the lines to, and may be unnecessary -- dip may handle the
unusual line conditions, even though I didn't see anything in writing
(the serial port and modem gurus can probably chime in at this point).

Anyway, hearty discussion of this would be welcome, if it already hasn't
been beat to death.

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