Hardware address/arp question

Hardware address/arp question

Post by Phillip M » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am a little confused on setting up a hard-ware address for arp.
I am using an ethernet at 10,0x300 eth0, and have setup a lan with
2 computers on it.  Linux main box is and the windows box
I can telnet over to linux, but would like to setup netscape to
test out my apache server.  Even though it won't connect thru it to
the internet, it would be nice to just see how the web page looks,
and see that the Web server comes up.  I assume I would have to use
the arp, and put in my hostname into the table?  I have the linux
bible to guide me, if I am even on the right track.  And when you
use the arp -s command I am confused on how to set the hardware
address.  The linux bible doesn't explain it enough for me to
understand, could someone guide me along? Thanks


Brockton, MA
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1. 4.0 arp: unknown hardware address format (0800)

After upgrading my system from 3.4-STABLE to 4.0-STABLE, I keep getting
the following messages in syslog:
"arp: unknown hardware address format (0800)"

It's particularly annoying because, when I run dmesg, the arp messages
don't have linefeeds after them, so the next syslog message appears on
the same line (ick).  What could be causing these notices, and how do I
fix it?

Note: I'm running on a large, mostly windows-based network, using dhcp
to get my IP.  I don't have any other network-related issues,
everything's working great besides these periodic syslog messages.


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