Diva 850 external ISDN T/A

Diva 850 external ISDN T/A

Post by Mik » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 03:07:08

Hello people

Anyone is using the above mentioned ISDN "modem"?
I was trying to use it the entire weekend, the device dials, but fails
while trying to negotiate PAP with the "serial line is looped back"
infamous message...
I tried replacing E1 by E0 in the init strings, to turn off echo. Then I
tried with the "silent" option, to no avail.
If anyone is using such a monster, I'll be happy to look the
/etc/wvdial.conf and /etc/ppp/options files.
(The device is external, connected to /dev/ttyS0, so it doesn't need any
special ISDN configuration, it's used like a normal modem).
Thank you in advance and best regards,



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I am using diva t/a isdn external modem.
When I tried to connect using minicom I get message

CONNECT 115200

I expect to get "Login:" and "Password:" not garbage after CONNECT 115200.

Is there anyone that can me?



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