Configuring Linux firewall to allow IPSec

Configuring Linux firewall to allow IPSec

Post by Mike Wes » Sat, 07 Jul 2001 14:57:27

My setup:

my home LAN is all tied together in a single hub.  (Pretty standard setup.)

My Linux box is from Slackware 7.2.  Kernel is 2.2.19 and I am using
IPChains for the forwarding.  Has two old (but reliable) ethernet cards; one
connected to the cable modem, one connected to my LAN.  I even have dhcpd
running and it works fine.

All of the normal access stuff works great.  (The help files and HOWTOs were
quite helpful, as was an article on the Linux Journal website.)

Unfortunately, it appears that IPSec (the Lucent version) doesn't work with
this configuration.  My questions are:
- With the configuration I currently have (2.2.19 + IPChains), can I get
some sort of "passthru" for IPSec working?
- If not, what configuration do I need?  (Kernel + tools + instructions)
- Or, should I just break down and blow the $120 on the Linksys router that
will theoretically do this?

Thanks in advance.

Mike West


1. How to configure hosts.allow /host.deny for IPSEC ??


i have an problem with my AIX 4.3.2 and the newest (and older) TCP-Wrapper.
When i try to use an host.allow and host .deny all incomming IP-trafic will
blocked. It seems that the tcp-wrapper ignores the host.allow.

Have u guys any problems about this ?

Another question is, that i had two different answers about 1 Question with
the TCP -Wrapper from two different IBM-AIX TCP/UP Conectivity Teachers.


Is there any problem with the TCP-Wrapper on AIX 4.3.2 or higher ??

1. There is no known Problem - all is goin fine
2 TCP-Wraper dont work on AIX 4.3.2 u have to use the IP-SEC .


Best regards

Peter Bandolan

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