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Hi, everyone!
I have to manage a WFW network consisting of 35 WfW PCs, one OSF1 and 1
LINUX machine. The OSF1 is running Pathworks/Lanman , the LINUX runs
SAMBA and PPP dial in, all over NetBEUI and NB over TCP/IP. Now my
question: Why can I see all PCs on the workgroup when dialing in over
PPP with WIN95, but when I try to connect to a shared resource other than
one from the SAMBA server, I get the message, that the server is not
available on the net. Also the chat and winpopup utility don't work.
Wipopup says that the message was delivered succesfully, but on the
addressed PC no message appears. I have an entry for the ppp-server and
the ppp-peer in the lmhosts file on the PCs.

Any ideas? If you need further info, please contact me.

                                Thanks for advice,


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        At work, I recently setup a Linux box (Slackware 1.2) for inter office
mail.  Then I got PPP running with Mindport, our local service
provider through at 28.8 PPP link using ppd with a chat script.  Now
I've been asked to get Linux to allow people on the Windows for
Workgroups running the TCP/IP driver to be able to access the PPP like
with the ability for 2 machines to use the link at the same time.
        I tried to set up a gateway as follows with bill being the
        ifconfig ppp0 bill pointopoint (mindport ip)        
        route add (mindport ip)
        route add bill gw (mindport ip)
        This produces network unreachable errors from bill.  Is it possible to
do what they want.  If so am I close, on the right tack??  Any
suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated as I am ready to
throw bill through a wall.

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