ISDN, X.25

ISDN, X.25

Post by Valery Brasse » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Does anybody know of drivers for X.25 card (I think of OST PCXNET) for Linux
of ISDN card (same : OST PCSNET... or Oxus Research )
This is because I am working on project for ISDN/X.25 under Win 3.xx and i
would like to port it under Linux.

1. X.25 over D-channel ISDN

I was wondering if Sun supports X.25 access over ISDN D-channel?

If so, what packages are needed? I've got Sunlink X.25; would I
need SinLink ISDN instead of/as well as Sunlink X.25?

What does the software interface look like - similar to Sunlink
X.25 (I use the NLI interface)?

Andrew Gabriel
Consultant Software Engineer

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