WIn95 'Disk Full' problem on samba

WIn95 'Disk Full' problem on samba

Post by Leon Opi » Thu, 11 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone help?
We use SAMBA from Suse Linux 5.3 distribution. It works well, however a
little issuette has been discovered,
From Win95 clients, the user home directories return 'disk full' after 2Mb
have been used.
The problem does not occur UNLESS the directory is connected to the Win95
Client as a drive. i.e going through network neighbourhood works just fine.
quota is not enabled on the Linux server.

Am I missing the obvious?

I would appreciate an answer, anyone seen this and solved it?



1. SAMBA-WIN95 problem: "The folder '\\SERVER\service\servicedir' does not exist.

Hi everybody.

I ugraded my SAMBA from 1.9.16p4 to 1.9.16p9 and now I have a little
the Win95 clients don't descend in the service dir and give me the
        The folder '\\SERVER\service\servicedir' does not exist
After, when I click on the OK button of the error dialog box, the same
dialog box re-appears,
and I must click once again.

I use samba 1.9.16p4 with Linux (kern. 1.2.23). I have the following SMB
conf for the services those cause the error:

comment = Belva'r root dir
valid users = root otherslogin
path = /
browsable = yes
writable = yes
printable = no
create mode = 766
public = no

comment = Home Directories
browsable = yes
read only = no
writable = yes
create mode = 0750
hide dot files = no

comment = Users' home dir.
path = /hdb1/home/users/
public = yes
create mode = 0755
writable = no

printable = no

Note: I have the users' home dir in: /hdb2/home/users. When I try a
samba-connection as the user 'mr_hyde', Win95 shows me
a shared service called 'mr_hyde' (built on the fly by the homes
section, I suppose).
When I click on it, Win95 shows the home dir of mr_hyde, but if I try to
click on a sub dir, I get the message
        The folder '\\BELVA\mr_hyde\subdirname' does not exist.

(BELVA is my linux-samba server)
The question is: which is my mistake?

Please, write your answer(s) also to my e-mail address:

         thanks in advance,

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