clockdiff output -- how to interpret it ?

clockdiff output -- how to interpret it ?

Post by Jim Fische » Thu, 26 Apr 2001 12:22:14

Anyone know where I can find some usefull documentation on the
'clockdiff' command? (It's p/o the Iputils-990107 package...]. The man
page does not describe how to interpret the output that's generated by
the 'clockdiff' command. For example:

    host=pictor rtt=750(187)ms/0ms delta=97ms/97ms Tue Apr 24 20:10:09

If someone could explain the meaning of the three 'rtt' (round-trip
time) values

    0 ms

and/or the meaning of the two 'delta' time values


I'd really appreciate it. (E.g., given "delta=97ms/97ms", is the
'ebsa285' machine ahead of the 'pictor' machine by 97 ms, or vice
versa?) Tia...



1. interpreting "/usr/ucb/ps -xla" output

Hello all,

i'm having problems with interpreting the output of a "/usr/ucb/ps -xla"
on a system running
Solaris 2.6. -

(system) # ps -xla

F    UID    PID   PPID   %C PRI NI    SZ  RSS    WCHAN S TT        TIME
19     8      0      0    0  96  0     0    0          T ?         0:01
 8     0    694    649    0  48 20   928  792 toolittl S ?         0:00
sh -c /usr/l
 8    51    697    649    0  12 22   928  792 toolittl S ?         0:00
sh -c op nbu

my system has memory-problems cause of too many processes, but is still
runing and doing
a almost good job. - the shortage on memory is just during a job which
usually runs once
a day. - my question is now: what means the "TOOLITTL" in the column
WCHAN. - it should
be either the address of an event for which the process is sleeping or,
if it's empty the
process runs. but i couldn't find anything about toolittl.

thanks for your help

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