zone file for single IP zone?

zone file for single IP zone?

Post by Richard Lyon » Sun, 23 Feb 2003 09:15:28

I am sorry to repost basically the same question, but I think the
previous 'subject' may have lost me the attention of those who can

I have a small network behind an adsl router.  I want to route mail (and
probably some other services) in to the single static IP allocated by
the service provider.  

Can I add to my existing zone files a zone file and a reverse zone file
for the single static IP?  I presume this will list a few A records to
point each possible name at the same IP, for example, perhaps
   ns   IN  A
   mail IN  A
   www  IN  A
Is that reasonable?  And should I add any 'allow-transfer' condition in
the conf file?

If so, am I right I should use something like
   allow-transfer {; localhost; };
in named.conf for each of the existing zone files to prevent them being
transfered outside?