Kernel 2.2.1 & route add

Kernel 2.2.1 & route add

Post by Brian McCaule » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> Kernel 2.0.35 works fine. I use Slackware and dial up access (ppp-go) to my
> ISV. But when I switch to kernel 2.2.1 (reompiled by me) I get the following
> message in response to "route add localhost":

Kernel 2.2 automatically creates routes that are implied by ifconfig
without an explicit "route add".  

Accordingly the ability for "route add" to automatically infer the
values of missing arguments has been removed.  The rationale is that
if the arguments can be inferred the whole command is redundant

Quote:> SIOCADDRT No such device

> Needless to say my dialup access to my ISV also doesn't work.

This is not "needless to say", and quite possibly, not related.

Are all your packages (especially pppd) upto the versions indicated in
the 2.2.1 release notes (Documentation/Changes)?

Quote:> Something is not kosher in my new kernel, but what?  I have tried all
> reasonable combinations of parameters that I can think of.

You have to spell it out:

route add -host dev lo

Or more correctly:

route add -net netmask dev lo

Alternatively do nothing - the ifconfig command has already created
the correct route.

If you do add it again it'll appear twice in your routing table.

This is because manually added routes have a different priority (aka
"class") from those created by ifconfig but the standard "route"
command does not display this column of the routing table.


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