Connecting to Samba from Windows

Connecting to Samba from Windows

Post by Doug Laidla » Thu, 15 May 2008 21:23:07

If I set my Samba server to user level security, Windows XP says I am locked
out.  If I set it to share level security, Windows wants a password.  To my
reading, that isn't according to the book.  I should have free access with
share level, and be prompted for a password with user level.

Or do I misunderstand it?



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Hi All,

I have 3 Pc's setup on a network,
1 x Linux
1 Win2K
1 Win98

The linux running Red Hat 7.1, and acts as my internet gateway, web
server tfc server and fileshare.
Win2K is use for browsing and gen stuff
Win98 I use for games.

The problems I have is that I can connect to the Linux samba share using the
Win2K machine and I do this via a little Net Use Batch File, when I go to
use the same file with the win98 machine I get the following error:-

The option "USER:USERNAME" is unknown. make sure you are specifyong a valid
option and the try again.

Ok So I can not specify a username when connecting to the shared drives.
What do I cannec as by Default does anyone know?

Any tips on getting round this will be most helpful


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