8-bit ISA > 16-bit MCA, what ADF's?

8-bit ISA > 16-bit MCA, what ADF's?

Post by Loren C » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

i have what appears to be an 8-bit ISA > 16-bit MCA adapter board.

is this really that?  i mean, is there something else that fits
this description?

has anyone actually used one of these?  what for?

so if i use it, say for a second serial port, what, if any, ADF would be

what about an 8bit ethernet board?  did 3com, ibm, or wd publish adf's
for non-MCA, 8-bit nic's?




1. 8-bit vs. 16 bit ISA bus port writes?

I'm working on a custom ISA board that is supposed to perform 16-bit ISA

bus writes.  It has 4 IO ports (base_address, base_address+1,
base_address+2 and base_address+3) that are each supposed to be able
read/write 16 bits.  From the mini-HowTo on IO-Port-Programming by Riku
Saikkonen (second page) it speaks of using INW to read 8 bits from port
x and then 8 bits from port x+1.  My confusion stems from the fact that
on our custom ISA board we are supposed to be able to perform 16 bit
transfers to any of the 4 ports.  So if the base address is 0x300 we
should be able to write 16 bits to 0x300, 16 bits to 0x301 etc.  My
first question is, is this possible in the ISA architecture and then, if

so, are inw and outw the correct instructions for doing so?  It doesn't
seem to be the case based on the HowTo.

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