RH6.0, 3c905B not running at 100BT

RH6.0, 3c905B not running at 100BT

Post by jason.. » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hey folks -

I just recently moved to RH6.0 from 5.2.  Under 5.2, I didn't have one bit
of trouble with my 3Com 3c905B fastE card.  Now, with the new kernel and
such, it doesn't seem to want to work correctly.

When the machine powers on, the card is in 100BT/Full mode (I can tell by
looking at the switch.)  However, when the interface is actually ifconfig'd
by the OS, it drops down to 10Mb/s for some reason.

I played around with it a little under single-user mode.  I loaded the 3c59x
module, then checked the switch.  Still at 100BT.  I did an 'ifconfig -a' ..
still at 100BT.  When I did an 'ifconfig eth0 xxxx ...'  it dropped down to

Has anyone seen this odd behavior?  I know the 905B cards have been a bit
troublesome to some.


Jason Van Patten
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