Sync PPP with USR sportster ISDN external TA

Sync PPP with USR sportster ISDN external TA

Post by Stephan Engel » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi gang,

here's my problem:
I'd like to dial up to my ISP using an external ISDN "modem" connected to
ttyS1.  I'd like to use the synchronous PPP protocoll (it's supported, works
fine under (whisper) Windows 95).
I am running SuSE-Linux 5.1 and the pppd that came with it; I also tested
free ppp 2.3.5.  I succeded connecting to my isp using the X.75
protocoll and asyc ppp.
When using synchonous transfer, my configuration requests are being rejected
three times, after that the connection is closed by the isp's server.
I haven't got the foggiest idea what's going on.
Has anyone succeded in using sync ppp with the external US robotics sportster?
If so, how?

So long,

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I'm trying to get an external Sportster ISDN TA working with my Redhat
5.2 system.
Everything is fine - pppd connects as I would expect, but when I try to
any sites over the TA the throughput is terrible. Pinging a site will
result in 50%
packet loss, with every other packet being lost.

Under Windows NT the modem behaves perfectly. It presents itself to the
host computer
as a standard modem, controllable by using At commands, but as soon as a
PPP connection
is established it almost stops.

Has anyone got one of these working properly, or have any ideas ?

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                                screamed on you..." - R.E.M

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