PPP configuration problem - (I'm at my wit's end)

PPP configuration problem - (I'm at my wit's end)

Post by Jeff L » Fri, 17 May 1996 04:00:00

Hello,  I'm brand new to the Linux world.  I've read every related
document that came with my distribution and still can't figure out
what's wrong.

I installed Linux and X11 from a new Infomagic distribution.
Everything went very smoothly and configuration was a breeze, except
for a strange problem with PPP.

Using dip, I connect to my ppp server via 14400 modem, send my
username, password, and issue a ppp and end with 'mode PPP'.  All of
the IPs are dynamic (that is the IP assinged to my machine and the IP
of the machine I'm connected to) This works fine - I can telnet,
finger, ftp, ping, etc.  When I use ifconfig and route to look at the
current network status everything looks OK - my IP and the P-t-P IP
look OK.

HOWEVER, I can't get Netscape 2.02 working correctly.  If I give it a
host name it gets the IP and says "Connect:  Host conntacted, waiting
for reply" or something to that effect, but I never get any reply -
its like Netscape can find the host but the host can't send anything

Is this a routing problem?  How do I configure it so that programs
other than telnet, ftp, etc. can work.

I've never done any network configuration so I'm not really sure how
to fix this problem.

jeff lee.