PCMCIA BUG on 386 (wireless orinoco lucent wavelan)

PCMCIA BUG on 386 (wireless orinoco lucent wavelan)

Post by christian vern » Sun, 16 Dec 2001 07:57:24

PCMCIA BUG on 386  (wireless orinoco lucent wavelan)

hi all!

over the last week i tried to move my wireless network router from a
486 to a 386 mainboard.  (i still have those nice siemens nixdorf

the 486 works fine with all kinds of configurations, but the 386 wont
detect the wireless pcmcia-card (the anonymous memory problem)

the interesting thing is: i have an older installation, which works
just fine with exactly the same hardware on it!

new: (nonworking, as anonymous memory)
kernel 2.4.14
pcmcia_cs 3.1.30
cardmgr 3.1.22

old: (working, as prism II intersil)
kernel 2.4.4
pcmcia_cs 3.1.25  (im almost sure)
cardmgr 3.1.22

ofcourse everything is tweaked to compile
explicitly with march=i386 flag.

i tried both types of cards:
one lucent ieee802.11,  (wavelan silver) and
one lucent ieee802.11b, (orinoco silver)

my pcmcia adapter is a vadem isa,
and i have tweaked the cis, io and async values,
i have used kerneldrivers (static/modules)
and the cs drivers..  

any hints?
next thing i'll try is the older pcmcia_cs package
i used for the old system, but this is getting realy expensive in
additionaly the old system wont help much because i want to upgrade
the router.. (but i will cross-check this nevertheless)

thank you!