D815EEAL slow disk reads on Linux

D815EEAL slow disk reads on Linux

Post by dmar.. » Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:15:55


On my D815EEAL, disk access on RH linux 2.2.16-22 is slow. It "seemed"
much faster on RedHat 6.2, but I never took any timings. On
investigation noncached read timings seem to be the issue. My read
timings (hdparm -t /dev/hda) are reading 64m in 600 seconds. My Thinkpad
A2Op ,also running Rh 7.0, does this same operation in 5.5 seconds. ON
Buffered Cache reads the D815EEAL and the Thinkpad are almost identical
with timings (hdparm -T /dev/hda) for reading 128 meg in 0.9 seconds.

The diskdrive in this system in the D815EEAL is a Maxtor 53073H6 with
30GB.The hdparm info on the drive shows pio modes 0-4 and dma modes
through udma5 (udma5 is the default).

This is the same Model that I have in a Windows 2000 system that has no

I have already used hdparm -c1d1m16 /dev/hda to speed the drive up.

I have set the intel bios to auto mode in setting the i/o system parms

My Questions.
Any Ideas on how I can speed my disk access up?
Is it possible that I've got the drive wired wrong? (i would think it
would not work if that was the case)

Thanks in advance,


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