Freeswan IKE configuration problem

Freeswan IKE configuration problem

Post by Giulian » Mon, 17 May 2004 03:27:33

 I'm trying to use FreeSwan as a VPN client to my firewall's VPN server. As
now I only used the windows client, but I wish to use linux workstations

In the windows client I have to set up the following data:

remote gateway -> right=
remote network -> rightsubnet=
pre-shared key -> in the secret file
ike proposal -> ???
ipsec proposal -> ???

for both the proposal I have to choose encryption algorithm (AES, Twofish,
Blowfish and so on), Integrity function (MD5, SHA-1 for IKE and HMAC-MD5,
HMAC-SHA-1 for IPSec), ike/ipsec mode (main mode, aggressive for ike and
tunnel for ipsec), ike/pfs group (none, modp 768/1024/1536)

can you help me with the two proposal settings ? I googled around but I've
found no good answers :(
the current error I'm getting is
packet from x.x.x.x:500: ignoring informational payload. type
packet from x.x.x.x:500: received and ignored informational message