pca 200

pca 200

Post by Bo - Su » Fri, 10 Aug 2001 01:12:18

hi, everyone:

I am now using redhat 7.1 and the kernel version is 2.4.5

I have one atm interface card: fore ssytem pca 200, and I use the
foloowing command to config it:

/usr/sbin/atmsigd -b
/usr/sbin/ilmid -b
/usr/sbin/atmarpd -b
/usr/sbin/atmarp -c atm0
/sbin/ifconfig atm0 up

after reboot, and I use ifconfig command, and was told that the ip address
isok, mtu is ok, but no hwware address is assigned.

my question is:

1 how to assign hwware address to it? or do I have to?

2 how many ip address do I need to assign to this pca 200 card? because I
need two pair vpi/vci, and create two pvc to other machines, do I need to
assign two ip addresses and map each vpi/vci to a single ip, or assign one
ip, and map these two vpi/vci to one ip?

3 also, how to create vpi/vci? I mean, which command should I use?
I try "atmarp -s 0.101" but was told that " can not allocate

I plan to connect this pca 200 to atm le 155, because IU am new in atm
area, so any suggestions will be highly appreciated.




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Any ideas would be appreciated.




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