network configuration problem with new kernel

network configuration problem with new kernel

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I have problems with the network configuration after I compiled a new

I'm using debian3.0 on a Fujitsu P2110 laptop connected to a cable
modem. It worked after the first installation of debian. I remember
that dbootstrap ran a configuration tool for the network asking me a
few questions. It used DHCP, I suppose, cause I never entered any ip
numbers or netmasks.

First question : how can I rerun this configuration tool ?

Now, booting the new kernel, the build-in ethernet (RealTek) is found
at boottime by the rtl8139 driver that I compiled into the kernel.
ifup runs without error messages with the dhcp option and sets up
eth0. But ifconfig doesn't show any inet or netmask. It does though
after I run ifup specifying everything on the command line. But in any
case no hostnames get resolved.

Questions : 2) What difference makes the kernel here ? It's the same
kernel version (2.2.20). None of system the configuration files were
changed. I did compile the kernel with networking support.  3) What is
the problem ? Is it DHCP ?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

    - Tim