diald (0.7) does not lock the modem

diald (0.7) does not lock the modem

Post by Oz Dro » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

I have just installed diald 0.7

When diald uses the modem it does not set the
file /usr/spool/uucp/LCK..modem

I did include lock in /etc/diald.conf

and I have also included in config.h

#define LOCK_PREFIX     "/usr/spool/uucp"

prior to compiling

Any help will be appreciated
-Oz Dror

NAME   Oz Dror, Los Angeles, California  

PHONE  (213) 874-7978  Fax (213) 874-7965


1. getty_ps2.0.7 Still my modem does not accepts dial-ins.

Hi folks,

        I just installed getty_ps2.0.7, and I still can NOT get the
d*mn thing to work.

        I used an example uugetty.config file supplied with the
getty_ps package, and still NO GO.

I can dialout using kermit, and life is good. Dialins however do NOT

getty does a LOOP_BACK through the modem. the RD and SD lights BOTH
light up, and it tries using "Softlanding software" as a login name.

As expected the thing chews hard, and thats about all it does.

Does ANYONE have a clue?

I tried playing with stty crtscts < dev/ttyS0, but NO help there...
maybee I'm not doing it right. (example please)

If anyone has to knowhow to help me, please email me. My machine is on
Internet, and anyone can telnet in if they wish to check out the
problem first hand.

I'm using a ZENITH (pos) 2400 modem.
I AM running on a DELL computer using a 9 -> 25 pin converter, but I
think that should be ok.

Thanx for the help,


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