Fix for some PPP problems with 1.3.41

Fix for some PPP problems with 1.3.41

Post by Eric Kahle » Mon, 20 Nov 1995 04:00:00

It seems _IOC_READ and _IOC_WRITE got switched in the 1.3.41 patches.
That has resulted in problems for the floppy driver too, and the sound

In include/asm-i386/ioctl.h, change the direction bits to look like this
instead, and then it hopefully works ok:

         * Direction bits.
        #define _IOC_NONE       0U
        #define _IOC_WRITE      1U
        #define _IOC_READ       2U

Does that fix it for you?


That was from a message sent by Linus.
After I applied this fix in kernel 1.3.41
PPP not only worked, it absolutely FLEW.

From:  Eric Kahler.


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Hi there.

Has anyone got pppd 2.2.0c working with either kernel
version 1.3.42, or 43? I've tried, but pppd seems to
exit immediately. (This is in conjunction with diald 0.11).

It works fine with 1.3.41 kernel.


Chris Wells.                    

Ericsson disclaims all responsibility from this message.

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