Need help with 2 external cards with different ip

Need help with 2 external cards with different ip

Post by Mihai Petr » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi guys ,

Our company use an ADSL connected to a Linux box to do the routing from
the external ip to the web server and email machine on 192.168.x.x class
. I use ipmasqadm and it's working fine .So far so good. They want now
to add a T1 line only for web. So , that's mean a new set of ip received
from Bell probably with a different gateway than the one used now. They
want to have the email through ADSL and the web passing T1. I can use a
new network card or create aliases to the existing one in order to use
the new ip.Once the cards and the routing are defined I can use again
ipmasqadm to redirect incomings from T1 to web. My question is :
on the routing table that is configured in rc.local the last line is
"route add default gw". Now how should I add the second
gateway for the other range of ip to be used on T1 connection. Or can I
have 2 different gateways on the same machine ?

Mihai Petre


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