Q: Print problem: Win95 -> Linux/Samba -> Linux/Netatalk -> LaserWriter

Q: Print problem: Win95 -> Linux/Samba -> Linux/Netatalk -> LaserWriter

Post by Tom Benedic » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I've collected more info on the problem I described earlier:

I've got a PC with Win95 running on it.

I've got a Linux machine running a pretty stock RedHat 5.1 installation.

The Linux machine is running Netatalk and Samba.  It's got printcap
entries for a bunch of Netatalk printers, as well as a direct-connect
Canon BJ-100 and a raw network HP DeskJet 1600CM.

Our UNIX machines can print to all of the Linux print queues with no
problem.  Looks beeeeautiful.

Our Win95 machines have problems:

Printing to the BJ-100 and the HP DeskJet 1600CM works great.  Test
pages are great, documents look great.

Printing to the Netatalk printers doesn't work great.  The test page
prints, but the printer then spits out a blank page followed by a page
with the following message on it:


ERROR: undefined



Any ideas?  I've tried a variety of drivers on the Win95 machines, but
haven't had any luck getting it to print without the blank pages and
error pages.




1. Printing PostScript: Win95 -> FreeBSD -> Samba -> GS -> HP LJIII

I am running FreeBSD 2.1 with an HP LJ III-compatible connected to
/dev/lpt0.  I also have a Win95 workstation which accesses the FreeBSD
disks and printer via Samba.  Works like a charm.

I now have to send PostScript data from the Win95 station (long story)
so I loaded the Apple LaserWriter driver and GhostScript to do it.
Whenever I print I get a message on the output page claiming that "This
job requires more memory than is available in the printer".  I have
tried everything I can think of (even told Win95 that the laser had 32MB
of RAM) but no change.

The FreeBSD + Ghostscript + HP III combination appears to be functioning
properly because "lpr -Pps
/usr/local/lib/ghostscript/examples/golfer.ps" works fine and prints me
a nice full-page graphic.  Has anyone else sent postscript data to a
Samba printer from Win95 and had it work!?  Anyone suggest what I may
have missed?

Many thanks

Don Dunlop
CRI Systems, Vancouver, BC

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