PPP Connect but No DNS SOLVED!

PPP Connect but No DNS SOLVED!

Post by Marc » Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Just wanted to post this as a possible help to other Linux newbies
trying to get on the net:
I am posting from my RH6.0 box for the first time since I started
loading  & hacking at this package back in May!!
Anyway-- major symptom: PPP connects, PAP authenticates, reciecve local
and remote IP addresses from my ISP; BUT  nslookup (DNS) won't work ,
and can't ping anything, even known IP  addresses. ftp and telnet work
sporadicly (sp) and my /etc/resolv.conf entries are good. Netscape hangs
"forever", other weird stuff. Tcpdump shows packets going out to the
ISP, the modem lights confirm, but Nothing Comes Back!
Finally went out and bought a new modem --Viking 56k External Modem
"Windows Version" (RS232) and SOB! It Works!!!
The modem that didn't work was a USR "Sportster" 14.4 Faxmodem-- don't
know why.  Any thoughts?

Anyway, thanks to all you folks who have helped, knowingly and
otherwise-- and I hope this bit of info helps someone!


PPP Connect but No DNS SOLVED!

Post by Clifford Ki » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

> The modem that didn't work was a USR "Sportster" 14.4 Faxmodem-- don't
> know why.  Any thoughts?

Some USR Sportsters are said to need AT&F1 to initialize correctly.


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PPP Connect but No DNS SOLVED!

Post by Benjamin Alan Weave » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hello y'all,
        This sounds REMARKABLY similar to my own difficulties.  It seems
a bit inelegant to buy a new modem to fix the problem, but since I was
thinking of buying a new modem anyway...
        I would definitely like to hear people's ideas though on what
might be causing this problem.  I also have a USR "Sportster" modem,
it's a 33.2 Faxmodem.  Does pppd no longer support anything less than a

Benjamin Alan Weaver

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1. DNS Problem with PPP connecting to AT&T World or IBM Net under Linux

Hi! Netters,

I have a problem with DNS when connecting to AT&T Worldnet or IBM Net
through ppp-2.3.3 on my Linux-2.0.33.

The situation is that, I can successfully connect to AT&T Worldnet or
IBM Net with PPP, and they even assign me the local IP address without
any problems. I perform "ifconfig" to check if ppp0 is connected.
Everything seems fine but when I invoke "route" command, it takes so
long time to get route information. I "ping" other existing host in the
Internet but no responses come up instead of backing to me the error
messages which say my Linux PC cannot reach that host. Above situation
seems that even I connect the ISP successfully but I cannot enter into
the Internet. Of course, I defined the /etc/resolv.conf and
/etc/host.conf very well under guided direction.

I have ever doubted whether my ppp script is correct for connecting
once. Thus, I used the same script to try to connect the access number
at Cleveland State Univ.(My wife has an account at there). It was no
problems with connecting and successfully entering into the Internet.
So I got confused.

Did someone here undergo such case as mine when connecting to AT&T
Worldnet or IBM Net? If you are, pls drop me some lines to fix that.
I appreciate any comments from you. BTW, if possible, pls email me at

Thank you in advance.



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