Calling on Los Angeles Area Linux Users

Calling on Los Angeles Area Linux Users

Post by K Le » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00


I'll be vacationing down there sometime in the next month and I was
wondering if someone could recommend some competitively pricing computer
stores in the area, particularly for cheap NICs (PCI, 10/100base T) and
hubs (4port is good enough for me, but also 10/100) to be used with a
Linux router and Linux clients (one windows machine too, actually)?

I'm using a 3Com 905 TX right now and it's working great, but I plan to
setup a network in my house and I'll be needing more NICs and I understand
DEC(?) NICs are great with Linux, but unfortunately, nobody around here
carries them.  

I also understand that if planning to use NICs which use the tulip
drivers, I must be careful in choosing the chipset model as some are
mislabelled as carrying the chipset supported by the tulip driver when in
fact they're not?  Can someone please expand on that for me?

All in all, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to some
competitive stores to fulfill my goals in the L.A. area as the only stores
I know down there are Circuit City and CompUSA.  Thank you very much in



Calling on Los Angeles Area Linux Users

Post by Lee All » Sat, 15 May 1999 04:00:00

"Fry's".  Good selection of computer stuff, excellent prices.
There's one in the San Fernando Valley (Woodland Hills or Canoga
Park), and one either in LA or Orange County, I don't remember which.

Where exactly will you be?  I can find out more about locaiton.

Please cc: via email -- I don't check this area regularly.

-Lee Allen


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OK, so there is a dirth of LA Linux users groups...
How about a barbeque?
I offer my back yard ( the wife said ok :) ) to any linuxers that may
show up..
NEED at LEAST 6 or 7 people to make it worth it.
I will set up a p 100 with Caldera outside in the garage and you can
bring yours with ya if ya like.

If somone can get ppp working on the machine,, we can connect to the
internet on my ISDN line!
No card to set up, the 3Com is external and it looks just like a modem
to the computer.

This is not a users group, I am just tired of not getting together
with other linuxer's. I am not an organizing talented kind of guy!

I figure  saturday the 15th.

I offer 1 sixpack and one package of hotdogs...

RSVP to me here, email or voice     Chuck 818-955-8610

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