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I'm looking for a way to share a modem on a Linux box with win95 clients. This would probably involve some sort of a Fossil on the DOS/WIN side right?? Hacking the modemd on sunsite doesn't seem to hard, it's just that I have no idea of windows programming (or systems programming in genereal for that matter (irq14...))

anyone have ideas or maybe someone's got something like this set up already?




1. ascent modemserver and Hylafax

HI there,

I have access to an ascent modem server via telnet where I cann enter AT
commands. How can I use this together with a faxsoftware such as
Hylafax? Hylafax usually expects an modem to be on device /dev/tty... or
something like that.

If somebody has done this before, please let me know, Ralf!

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