NFS problems w/ SuSE 7.3

NFS problems w/ SuSE 7.3

Post by nuk » Fri, 23 Nov 2001 01:52:36

Hello, all.

I have SuSE 7.3 up and running on my home LAN server.  I
installed the nfs-utils, tcpd, etc. and so on so that I
could back up my RH7.1 workstation before I migrated it to
SuSE as well.  Took a little fiddling to recall the right
syntax, but I got it set so I could mount the /cdrom and
/home directories via nfs, and archived /home/nuk from
the workstation to the server.  Actually, the only real
problem that I had was that it seems that w/ the ipchains
firewall that I had setup on the Red Hat box, the 'mount -t
nfs lansvr:/home /mnt/nfs' command would just hang, and was
a major PITA to kill off, even though it showed as being
authenticated on the server.  Shutting down the firewall
for the time being did the trick.  Then I went thru and did
a network(nfs) 'Minimum w/ X' install of SuSE 7.3, again w/
no problems.

The spoiler is that now, when I go to do some package
management via yast, it just hangs.  Switching ttys shows
that the command to mount the cdrom on the server is hung
up again.  yast2 is even more interesting, in that it seems
to know what he packages are already, w/o querying the
server, but it hangs for a long time (read: I went to bed
finally and it was responding this morning, at last) and
complains that the CD mounted is different from the install
CD (not likely, it's never moved) and refuses to get on w/
the installation of the new packages.



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Maybe someone can help me with my problem:
A server (A) is connected to a public and a private-IP network. A client
in the private-IP network has to have access to a folder on a second NFS
server (B) in the public network.
On A the relevant folder of B is mounted, on the client the folder of A,
in which the mounted B-folder is.
On the client I see all files in the folder on A and can access
everything with origin A, however, if I try to change to the B-subfolder
(which is complete available when accessing directly from A), this
subfolder stays empty.

--->What can I do so that the client can access the B-folder via A??

In (with SuSE 7.3 still existing) rc.config on A  REEXPORT_NFS is
already switched to "yes", in /etc/exports on A the access on the
A-folder, in which the B-subfolder is, is allowed for the private-IP

Thanks a lot,

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