Uising Kppp, sportster 33.6 fax modem and getting a headache

Uising Kppp, sportster 33.6 fax modem and getting a headache

Post by linuxidio » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00

ok, yeah I'm an idiot, installed Linux ther other day and beleive it or
not everything so far appeaed fine. Found I was fond of kde and i began to
relax and enjoy this faster os.

Hoeever connecting to the internet didnt go so smoothly at all in fact not
at all.

I filled in the Kppp info fine. and I queried the modem, fine, and I dial
up, fine, connect. fine but when i go to use apps like Gaim, it cant
locate the hose, or netscape or anyother app. I tried serveral times with
different seeting, tried flow control, pap, chap and whatnot. So, can
anyone help please

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1. USR Sportster Modem 33.6 fax plug n play

I have a sportster 33.6 modem (NOT a winmodem) this one
has jumpers that lets you switch from plug-n-play to
a COM/IRQ setting if desired.

With a prior version of redhat 4.x (Vanderbilt) I was able
to get this modem to work, but I had to twiddle with
the jumpers.  

I have recently installed redhat 5.1 and am amazed
at how well the installation went.  Even my sound
card works and it is set for plug-n-play I did not
need to change the jumpers.

I am not able to get my chat commands to do anything to
the modem which makes me think its not quite yet configured.

Do I have to switch the jumpers at all on the modem?

With the modemtool i configured the /dev/modem to COM1

With that setting i am able to start up the pppd daemon

but i cant get the modem to do anything with chat,
what shall I try next?


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