windows client tool

windows client tool

Post by Marcel Henseli » Fri, 09 Nov 2001 06:42:17

hi phil,

my advice is to use a perl/php script and put it on the linux machine on the
wweb server as cgi.


Quote:> hi folks,

> i want to set up a network envirmonment, there are a few windows clients
> and a linux server that should appear as a gateway, no problem...
> but the server connects to the internet with a dial-in connection.
> so my question is, if there is a tool from which i can control the
> internet connection of the server. (connect, disconnect, status...)

> would be great, if it would be:
> * windows compatible
> * easy to use

> thx phil


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Files accessed by the Linux client are left with Modified and Accessed times
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(also running Windows 2003 Server) are left with Modified and Accessed times
based upon the time on the *server*. This is causing problems for me as I
have an application running on the server which uses these timestamps to
detect the presence of new or modified files - sometimes file updates are
missed when the update occurs from the Linux client if the system time on
the Linux client is behind that of the server.

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