unable to ping other machines

unable to ping other machines

Post by Robert Chie » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00


i have a home LAN, and just added a third machine to it as running redhat linux 5.1. i tried to ping
(also redhat linux 5.1) but it fails. running tcpdump on
shows up nothing. running tcpdump on shows this: = onion = potato

02:33:35.449630 0 > 38 at-lap#0 35
02:33:35.579630 0 > 38 at-lap#0 35
02:33:36.689630 arp who-has onion tell potato
02:33:36.689630 arp reply onion is-at 0:10:5a:10:5b:e5

both machines have 3c905b-tx and running the 3c59x.o driver. both
have /etc/hosts containing:     onion   onion     potato  potato      

what's wrong? it seems that onion is replying but potato isn't
receiving anything. could it be the soundblaster awe64 isa? i'd be
happy to provide more info if necessary.



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