amd-utils/nis/solaris/nfs-automounting question.

amd-utils/nis/solaris/nfs-automounting question.

Post by Dream Scribe » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

        I am working in a Solaris 2.6/Red Hat 6.2 environment. The
Solaris systems use NIS and automount to handle accounts/home
directories. I'm trying to run amd-utils to accomplish the
automounting of the home directories on one of the Red Hat systems
but I cant seem to get it work. NIS seems to be working fine. I can
rlogin from the other systems, and groups work fine. ypcat/which/etc.
return map information with proper flags. However it won't automount
the home dirs located on the Sun, when I log into the Linux1 system I

no directory /export/home/username
loging in with home = "/"

        Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should get them
talking. Amd doesn't seem to copy the NIS map files into its auto.home all attempts at manual configuration haven't worked:

username        nis/nfsserver:/export/home/&

        I've tried numerous combinations for the maps manually.

Any Ideas?

am-utils-6.0.3-1 installed w/ rpm.
Red Hat 6.2
Kernel 2.2.14-5.0
NIS/NSF server is Solaris 6.2


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amd-utils/nis/solaris/nfs-automounting question.

Post by Jean-Francois MOI » Fri, 10 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Quote:>    I am working in a Solaris 2.6/Red Hat 6.2 environment. The
>Solaris systems use NIS and automount to handle accounts/home
>directories. I'm trying to run amd-utils to accomplish the


We are using autofs which works very fine.

There are just two little problems in the /etc/(rc.d)/init.d/autofs
script (for both RedHat and Debian):

- there is a 'else' after the test of /etc/auto.master, and we use
  both local and NIS masters. If you use NIS only, remove this file,
  else, change the script.

- on Sun, we have a double indirection: the NIS auto.master points to
  /etc/auto.xx, which points to NIS So, we changed the 'sed'
  call to:

        sed -e 's/^auto_/auto./' -e 's:/etc/::'

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1. nis, nfs, autofs: auto.master, auto.misc, auto.home help please

I have nfs, nis working correctly.  I know this because I can mount my
server /home directory from the client, and also from the client, I can
access the passwd and group files from my nis server.  All this is fairly
easy to set up.  The problem I cannot resolve at this time is being able
to login to my server's home directories from the client machine.  It
logs into the / directory instead.  Here is what I know:

There are various packages like autofs and amd to take care of what I
want to do.  I am trying to do this with autofs.  My setup (yes I posted
several days ago, but the NIS HOWTO doesn't help me with this) is a
Debian server, with a Redhat 7.2 and Solaris 8 client.  I have read many
posts about these files:


and various other files.  I also have read the AutoFS HOWTO at:

While it contains examples for autofs, I do not understand them fully,
otherwise, I would not be writing this now.  My questions are:

If /etc/auto.master contains (according to the auto.master manpage:

/home     /etc/auto.home

does the auto.master file reside on the client, server or both?  Also, is
the /home in this referring to the server's /home which I want to mount
on the clients /mnt/home?

I also am not sure what /etc/auto.misc is for, and where it lives, along
with /etc/auto.home.  My server's home directories are on my /home
partition and I can see them from my client machines on /mnt/home.
However, I can not figure out how to use autofs to take care of mounting
them when a user logs in.  The user must cd /mnt/home, and this is what I
want to automate.  I am sorry if my questions annoy anyone.  I want to
learn, and once I learn, I can also help other people.  Thank you.

Bob Gamble

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