small PPP problem.. help appreciated!

small PPP problem.. help appreciated!

Post by Josh Woodwa » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm a somewhat advanced un*x/linux user but a fairly new operator. I've
read the FAQs associated with this but to no avail. Here's the problem:

I'm running Redhat 3.0 (1.3.18) and am setting up a PPP connection. Things
seem to be connecting fine, but when I go to use anything having to do
with the Internet, it's very slow. For instance, it always takes a minute
or two to get a login prompt. Ping times to a local mainframe
( average about 200ms. I've tried several things, such as
setting my serial port at different speeds (9600, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, etc)
but things seem closer to 110 baud than my 28.8. ;) I've also tried
connecting at different speeds from minicom and running pppd after exiting
and it will once again connect, and at the same speed. I have a Hayes 28.8
PnP modem which I use Intel Config Manager to set up. I know the modem
connects at the correct speed because I'm typing through it now in
minicom at full speed. Here's a clip from the ppp log file..

Sep 30 15:24:12 darkstar chat[137]: Xyplex -- got it
Sep 30 15:24:12 darkstar chat[137]: send (set port ppp enable^M)
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar pppd[138]: pppd 2.1.2 started by root, uid 0
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar pppd[138]: set kernel debugging level to 0
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar pppd[138]: Using interface ppp0
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar pppd[138]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/modem
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar kernel: ppp: channel ppp0 mtu = 1500, mru = 1500
Sep 30 15:24:13 darkstar kernel: ppp: channel ppp0 open
Sep 30 15:24:16 darkstar pppd[138]: local  IP address
Sep 30 15:24:16 darkstar pppd[138]: remote IP address

If anyone has some ideas, I'd be indebted for life to you! :-) Thanks..

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