one static ip, multisystem lan, want to use other systems for services

one static ip, multisystem lan, want to use other systems for services

Post by Dan Macpherso » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

i will soon have a an adsl
and i will me setting up services
like www, ftp, telnet, irc.....
i was wonder since i will have 1 static ip
how do i use other systems to administer to
lets say irc.

i was thinking that i could just add
to my /etc/hosts irc ftp telnet tim bob

but this is only accessible to the internal
lan.  how can i make it so the people outside (internet)
can access these systems through my single ip???

is it possible, or should i just put the full load, and security,
on my one system?  this is not what i want to do....

thanks in advance



1. Using DHCP for Internet but also need a static IP for internal Lan


I'm running Mandrake at work here and I've got the network card
configured with DHCP so I can get access to the Internet.  Now I want to
use Samba to so that I can use my Win98 workstations to save files to my
linux box, but I need a static IP.

I know I could plug another network card in but is there any way to do
it with just one?  Also should DHCP assign me an IP address?  I ran
Netcfg but don't see one.  Is there someplace else where I can see what
IP address the DHCP server assigned me?

If anyone knows It would be appreciated.



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