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Post by Shaolin Tige » Mon, 07 Oct 2002 06:15:32

Hi All.

I'd like to welcome you back to the brand new forum if you've noticed or
care (probably not) we've been down for a couple of days.

If you noticed we were getting errors before that it was due to the fact the
server couldn't handle the amount of traffic we were getting and the
database that runs the site was getting too big.

We have transferred to a new Dual CPU machine with a 100MB direct link to
the backbone in Telehouse London.

The database is also now running on a dedicated machine.

If you'd like to come along and check out the new look, new logo etc and see
what you think, any comments go here:

We've installed the latest version of phpBB and added a few new mods, we are
in the process of adding back all the smilies and avatars and also adding
some new ones :afro: etc ;)

The Avatar galleries have also changed due to the new directory structure of
the web server, those that used uploaded Avatars will be fine but those that
used an Avatar from the galleries may have to go and select it again or
choose a different one.

For those of you not familiar with the forum go and have a look, stuff about
security, computers in general, networking, hardware software etc.



.: :.

         Share your knowledge
          It's a way to achieve


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