Migrating Outlook Contacts to OpenLDAP

Migrating Outlook Contacts to OpenLDAP

Post by Peter J. Linde » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I would like to transfer all my priovate addresses which are stored in
an Outlook contacts folder to an OpenLDAP server, so I cann access the
same address book from several  applications.
Does anybody have the appropriate OpenLDAP definition files? Maybe some
scripts to transfer the addresses from Outlook to OpenLDAP?



1. migrating outlook contacts to KAdressbook

I migrated my emails from outlook to KMail with out2unix. it worked
fine, after i figured out how to do it. now i want to migrate my
contacts. it doesnt work. out2unix creates a *.kab file and tells me
to move it to /home/%user%/.kde2/share/apps/kab this doesnt work.
beyond /share the path doesnt exist. i also moved the file to
/home/%user%//.kde/share/apps/kabc but that doesnt work either since
KAdressbook saves the addresses in a vcf file. how can i import my kab
file? i have KDE 3.0 with suse 8.1.
thanks for every hint

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