Connect two home computer to internet via PPP ?

Connect two home computer to internet via PPP ?

Post by John Fulm » Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:00:00

|> What you should do is to run sockd (you'll find it at sunsite or any linux ftp site...).
|> Sockd is build to allow machines behind a firewall access the internet without having to
|> telnet on the firewall. Sockd (running on the firewall) gets packets from the secure part
|> of the net, rewrite them and send them over the net.
|> If you configure sockd on your computer 1 and tell computer 2 that is connected behind a
|> firewall (socks host in netscape's proxies), computer 2 will send is packets to the sockd
|> on computer 1, sockd will rewrite them with a return adress of When the
|> remote host will be contacted, it'll return packets to computer 1 and computer 1 will
|> return them to computer 2. I'm doing this at home and everything is forwing fine.
|> You should read the firewall HOWTO. It'll gives you many hints in configuring sockd. For
|> that king of configuration, you don't need a real firewall (don't need to turn off ip
|> foarwarding/gatewaing and don't need to enable ip firewalling in the kernel.)

Hello! I'm looking for this kind of configuration, BUT! Don't you have to have either a
SOCKS-aware program (like Netscape) for this to work? And if you are using say a WIN95
machine as the non-connect computer, Can you even get SOCKS clients besides Netscape?

Also, I've read that SOCKS doesn't support UDP packets, but there is a program called
UDPRelay for that. How well does that work?

Exactly what I'm looking for is a dedicated Linux server to act as my gateway, and a
Windows95 machine for applications and a X-Server. What I want is a nice, transparent
gateway that only needs 1 IP address for my home network, but I mostly want to run clients
on the WIN 95 machine, aka news, Netscape, Netrek, whatever. But I want it to be

I suppose you could do SLIRP and connect to it via a null modem cable with PPP, but I want
to set up a small ethernet, so I can mount the Linux disks via SAMBA.

Is SOCKS the only option?



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