odd ppp problem

odd ppp problem

Post by Luke Skywalke » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have the installation of RedHat Workstation 5.2. After months of
teching my modem, i found out the problem. Any how. I use the netcfg
utility to connect to the isp I work for. I connect everytime, no
problem, however when I go to ping our primary dns server, i get no
reponse, period. The file looks as if it is in the process of bringing
back outuput, but nothing comes back. To resolve this I continue to
activate the interface until I can get responses. Any ideas????



1. Very odd ppp problem

Running Mandrake 7.2 but have had the same 'problem' with previous

I run ppp via kppp, connect OK but then when bringing up the interface
about 1000 'ip-up.local' processes are spawned for some reason, disk
chunders away for about 2 minutes, and the system tries to create too
many files somewhere (sorry, I didn't catch where it was doing this) and
my system grinds to a standstill.    After this, the processes stop
running and the system is fine and my ppp connection and my system works
totally normally.

I've not amended the ip-up.local script or anything
in/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts from the installation.    This happens
on all my dial-up ppp connections.  Any ideas?   Not a big deal because
everything works OK, just a bit irritating.

Thanks for any help.

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